Could I run a ttt server with this vps?

It’s the first package with the single core running on linux.
I’m new to this. Thanks.

With what VPS? You gave us a link to their purchasing page with nothing selected.

I believe even the single core linux only could handle a small TTT server. I rented one the other day to play with, hosted a sandbox with like 7 people (randoms who joined lol) with ~5 ping constantly and only locked up once with prop spamming. Don’t quote me on this, though.

Derp. Sorry, I mean the first one with the single core running linux.

Depends on several factors such as how loaded the node is and what CPU it is using.

You’ll honestly run out of bandwidth long before needing to worry about the CPU on the single core packages. 1000GB in/out combined is not a lot (~3Mbps constant for a month). I’m assuming they don’t include FastDL with the VPS so you would need to setup your own mirror as well… I don’t see that working out for communities.

If you’re just hosting TTT, I suggest going with one of their managed game servers. In the past, I never had trouble with ping or crashing, and they run fine. They also automatically sync the game server to the fastdl, which is pretty handy.