Could need Informations :)

I bought an own server, at “”.
Used Oxide, works fine. But after an week,
it seems like Rust++ would be the better option.
Used it like a month. But since the last update,
dropparty dont work that fine anymore.
And saw, Magma will be a better choice, soon. :smiley:
But i was going to use Essentials now.

Reinstalled the server, update via Steam -
wainstalled Rust Essentials 1.6.1 and Leather 1.1.1.
I edited the .cfg and .ini.
Also edited already the loottable of Essentials.
But if i connect to my Server, nothing happens… means :
No MOTD, no commands works (/help)

Just need something, with a loottable which can be configured.(noc4)