Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network!"

When ever i try to run rust this is what i get.
“Rust Launcher Error: NetworkError - Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network!”
Please Respond ASAP

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Please Help me

Hi Jason,

We’ve noticed that some ISPs are doing network traffic shaping and blocking EAC downloads during daytime. Due to this we decided to switch to HTTP CDN and soon we will update it to everyone.

As its still under testing, could you try if it fixes the issue for you? To test, download and replace your existing EasyAntiCheat .DLL files in Steam\SteamApps\Common\Rust\EasyAntiCheat\ with these files: and then start the game from Steam again.

Thank you i will try in a bit when i have chance.
Thank you for your time,

I tried this yesterday however it still came up with the same message!
Can you please update this soon!

same, cant play like 6 month
where’s my money?:v:


If using the test files located at and you still receive the error then this is most likely because of a firewall or antivirus which is blocking EAC connection to our backend servers.

Today my brother and I checked my AntiVirus Software (Norton) and we already have it disregarding all rust activity and EasyAntiCheat. The same message (Rust Launcher Error: NetworkError - Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network! ) popped up again. Are there any other suggestions of how I may solve this situation?

Norton seems to have some issue with the new HTTP download files (the ones at ) so I would suggest trying it so that Norton is not running at all and see if it fixes the problem.

I just tried to disable my Norton and it still hasn’t opened it still says the same message


Can you open in your browser? You should get “400 Bad Request” if it works. If you can open that address then the connection works but for some reason it still fails to download the module from our servers.

Im wondering that could your ISP have some kind of hardware antivirus firewall that is disconnecting the download from our backend? It would be highly unlikely, but technically not impossible. Usually those kind of hardware devices are only used in closed environments like work places or universities etc. that want to filter out possible viruses/trojans at the edge of the network.

So basically:


For some unknown reason something is preventing you to download the client module from the server. This is unfortunately something that we cannot investigate from our end :confused:

It says 400 bad request so whats that mean
what should i do?

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My brother also has Norton by the way and it works fine for him


If it says 400 Bad Request it means that the connection is working for you. So you are able to connect to but for some reason something on your computer and/or internet connection is breaking down the actual module download from

Can you check from Windows command prompt what “nslookup” (without quotes) returns for you?

It should return something like this:

*** UnKnown Can’t find No response from server

What does this mean?

Basically the problem is that your computer is not resolving DNS-addresses correctly and it does not resolve I cannot say why this is happening, but it’ not something that we can fix from our end, unfortunately.

Hi nago, I have the same problem, but i get this. What does it meen?
I can see that 404 error, I can download those files, but still can’t install eac and can’t play rust…:frowning:

update: I changed antivirus from Bitdefender Total Security to AVG Free AntiVirus and now I get this…a bit different


That is the correct functionality and you should be able to connect to EAC network. Did you try to replace the files at Steam\SteamApps\Common\Rust\EasyAntiCheat\ from the files from ?

Bitdefender has known problems with EAC, but there is a solution somewhere in the Rust forums how to get EAC working with Bitdefender. AVG shouldn’t have any known problems.

I tried with original files and the ones on that link. I still get this:


update: This is only for the experimental rust, the legacy works. I guess they disabled experimental with the last patch or something…


Does your user account have admin privileges? EAC needs admin rights to install the service to Windows.

Yes, i have adm for sure. Now the game is official, experimental has serves, but I can’t play…:(((


so I have this same problem, one day I was playing Rust, everything was normal. Then I shut it down, a few hours later I tried playing it again, it wouldn’t start. If I tried to run it from steam, it would give me an error even before the launcher starts, I would get: “Rust Launcher Error: Network Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network”. If I had started the game from the files, it would run the game, but after connecting to a server I would immediately get kicked out with a “Disconnected: Easy Anti Cheat - disconnected”. I tried to Verify Integrity Of Game Cache from steam. I shut down all firewalls/antivirus, I tried running as administrator, all different compatibility modes for the executable. Re-installing the game. I downloaded the .dll files from This has changed the outcomes a bit, still not fixing my problem though.

Now if I try to run the game from steam, I would get this error: “Rust Launcher Error: GameError - ShellExecute failed with code 5”. If I try to run the game from file, I can connect to a server and actually play but I always get kicked after 10-15 seconds, again with the same console message “Disconnected: Easy Anti Cheat - disconnected”. I am trying at home, so I don’t think any ISP/Modem firewalls are included that would prevent me from playing. I’ve tried multiple servers, nothing works. Can you please help, I’m starting to get really frustrated here. It’s been like this for several days now. Even in the two newest patches.