"Could Not CRC Map" WTF

I dunno if its because I am using the Mac client, or if the recent update broke it. But when I try to download certain maps now I get this error “could not crc map mapname disconnecting”. I am also experiencing other general map downloading issues, such as it not completely downloading certain maps and it telling me that it cannot find them.

Does anyone know of a fix?

Also has anyone else been having issues watching youtube videos in the steam browser? All I get is a white block where the video should be, the sound to the video does play however.

I have the same thing. Started happening since I got a mac.

This is because your map is invalid/corrupt. Download the map from a gmod site. Just Google each map that’s giving you hassle.

So this has been a constant issue? :frowning:

I guess I will just download the maps then, luckily the server I frequent has them conveniently on their site.

Also I tried reinstalling flash to fix the video issue, now some of them have the sound and white block error, but now some of the videos will load but wont have sound :(!