Could Not Load Library Client (Garrys mod Mac)

Hi guys, im posting this again (I apologize) because I have yet to find a solution or recieve an update for this problem.
I usually used to play on regular Garry’s Mod, with Mac OSX.10.5.8
I have came back from my break on steam to find out that gmod isnt working all of a sudden.
I re-installed it twice and still nothing.
Now usually when gmod comes to an update it usually breaks all the old versions of gmac and regular gmod,
and most like me will have to wait for the next update to fix it.
BUT then it came to me that gmod 13 came out- So will I no longer be able to play gmod since gmod 13 took its place?
And that I need higher specifications to play again ?
Please HELP
I want to play gmod again, and play on my amazing favorite servers

Gmod 13 is normal Gmod. The 13 denotes the version; you probably stopped playing around Gmod 10-12, but it’s still the same game.

So is it just a bad update that happened during my break?
Or is it my crappy ass mac ?

It’s the fact that you’re trying to play with a Mac. Gmod is broken for Macs, and while you should generally attempt to avoid gaming on Macs if you can, if you don’t have any other way to play, I would recommend just waiting it out. No way to fix it on your end, other than getting a PC and/or waiting out the issues.

Thanks :c