Could somebody create a female and male Scuba diver model for me? SFM Compatible?

I’ll gladly pay 20$ to them but I wish it could be free because I’m low on budget. It needs to be Rigged on the valve skeleton so I can use it in SFM with Simple IK RIG.

Random SFM GIF I created:

Well if you look around there was a lara croft model pack, one of them has a scuba diver model

Male UDT scubas are already being worked on by someone.

Silent Hill Downpour also has a scuba diver in it. It’s also in psk format already rigged, so it should be easy for someone to port it over.

Didn’t someone already try ripping some stuff from SH: Downpour? I swear, I remember seeing a thread about that a while back, but I can’t seem to find it.

That’s some good animation right there. I can’t do run/walk cycles at all.

Yeah, Luxox did.