Could somebody upload this map to please?

I need a map it was titled something like rp_distant_city or something like that, its a map with several square islands and a big building in the middle. Day and night version if possible.
Thanks for your time.

Use your eyes and post stuff like this in help & support subsection, instead of chosing to post this in the first section that has the word ‘GMod’. Afterall, you want help to get the map.

I thought help and support was for technical support issues? This is just wanting a map.

I do believe that Help & Support is for everyone needing help for something. I see what you mean, though.

Anywho, Do you know anybody that has that map?

There is a whole MAPPING section for this kind of stuff.

Again, Wouldn’t that be for map design?

This would be the right section.
Help & Support would be for technical issues.
Mapping would be for designing and compiling maps.

I don’t have the map, though, and I’ve never heard of it, sorry.

I have v4 on my server, both day and night. I can send it to you if you want

Thanks man, How do you plan on sending? cause I want it too.

Emailing. Just hit me a pm.

Shit, sadly its v2, but if its good enough for you I’ll send it to you anyway

In my case I was planning to modify the map and make it for roleplay. Adding stuff such as you arrive on a boat etc.

I think it’s deep inside toybox somewhere