Could someone assist me?

I’m trying to make something epic in Garry’s Mod, but unfortunately this Error is hindering me. There used to be a download that everyone had to download to fix it but for the life of me i cannot remember, and i asked a few people and no one seems to know what i’m talking about, and i know it exists because i downloaded it at one time a while back. It has nothing to do with the hl2.exe, i fixed that myself. Its when i go to place a prop in game and it comes up as nothing but big red ERROR, and it doesn’t show the actual item just that big red word.

I’d appreciate it if someone could assist me,

Thanks, ~Sharpe

PS: I’m new to the forum and i like this forum so far :slight_smile: pretty awesome

first, you posted this in the wrong section, try posting this in the garrysmod help section
second, do you have counter strike and the orange box? if not then that may be the problem

Ah i was looking for the section to put it in but didn’t find it, guess i was looking to quick. No i have neither, but the props i have don’t require either of those.

Do you own a legitimate copy of Garry’s Mod? Because based on the steam account you linked to your facepunch account:

No Garry’s Mod here.



Buy the damn game and stop complaining.

Uh first of all, that profile is not me, i do not have any GTA games on my account, and i did buy the game. not sure how that account was linked when its obviously not the correct one

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Oh :v: I wonder who’s account that other one is.

Welcome to Facepunch.

The error you seem to be getting is a missing model. I’m only able to pick that much up, could you explain it further? Like what are you trying to spawn?