Could someone convert this high detail bubbleship from soildworks to max?

so could someone convert this soildworks file, its a highly detail Bubbleship from Oblivion.

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anyone? you only need max 2014

bump. i didn’t think this would be that hard

I’d do it, but I don’t have 2014.

and, I think you bump a thread after 24 hours? I don’t know.

seems like everyone i know doesn’t have 2014 all using 2012 or 2010. as for bumping no a clue i’ve seen people doing that after 10 mins.

I use 2012 because its the best for my modeling… 2013 I’t doesn’t support SMD Export / import. 2014 is only 64-Bit

yeah i’m using 2012 its just better for plugin compatibility… speaking of which someone really needs to convert that smd plugin into a script so it will have full compatibility.

so turns out max can’t convert the file, has to be soildworks 2014

I always keep up-to-date on the latest versions of Max. I haven’t used Max 2012 since 2013 came out and use 2014 religiously… and I export SMDs all the time.

Wall Worm : Yes, you can export SMDs and more in 3ds Max 2014 .


Yea, I used WallWorm for 2014 (Before my 64-Bit Fried) now I have 32-Bit, and Wallworm didn’t work for me.

ill try it with 2013.

so now that has been discovered can we get back to converting the file?

What’s stopping you from downloading 3ds Max yourself and doing this?

i have 3d max, just isn’t worth updateing because…

It isn’t 100% clear in your post as to why 3ds Max couldn’t be used. The content of the thread makes your assertion that Max can’t convert the file ambiguous because of the preceding discussion of incompatible versions and non-updated plugins.

So perhaps…

Be More Clear Next Time.

ah, why did i make that hostile underline… well in that case let me try and explain it to you 3D Max has an inbuilt plugin for most soildworks files admittedly not of all of them are supported and community made content isn’t really working state but for some reason that plugin in 2014 doesn’t read the complete bubbleship file or even the parts and thats all i really know to be honest.

Slight Update, Someone Converted it…