Could someone creat a liquid DarkRP server

I am not asking to be admin

I just want to play on another server with a fresh start with an Owner who is dedicated to adding stuff to his server like jobs

I like to send links to stuff and like to give job ideas and job tweak ideas :smiley:

If you like serious RP aswell, you could join mine :slight_smile:

why? not enough skill to make one yourself? too lazy? get banned from everything?
sounds like you want to be part of the server
suggest jobs
tweak jobs
adding stuff to server

liquid darkrp

nice bump…
I like how everyone here has no profile pic, and has -100 posts

I love post and join date elitism too!

a 11r being elitist about join date?

He mentioned posts not date.

I think he was implying alt accounts, but he sounds like an idiot so ignore him :slight_smile:

Also, Bumping is FINE as long as it’s relevant. Some people rage at such perfectly relevant bumps.