Could someone explain this to me and tell me what I have to do or who to contact to correct this?

It started today when I logged on at about 4:00 and two people started shooting at me I killed one and chased the other and killed him too. Then as I was looting there stuff I got disconnected and the message bar popped up saying disconnected from server (or something like that cant remember). This didn’t worry me because I have bad internet and I have been disconnected a few times. So i tried to rejoin and this popped up. Failed To Connect (Facepunch_Connector_MissingFeatureImplementaion) Please help me I don’t hack and love rust. :frowning:

Don’t panic! It’s a common issue right now. Plenty of other threads on this, so just be patient and all will be well. From what I’ve read you should be able to rejoin by now, but it will be a recurring issue every so often and you will be unable to rejoin for about ten minutes.

Happens every 30 mins or so and then you have to wait 10-20 minutes to reconnect. Game is unplayable for those who are incurring this problem… hope it’s fixed tomorrow.

My friend did research about this issue the other night. If you use komodo AV, try disabling it. It worked afterward.