Could someone free-run up this wall? (HL2 RP)

Hello, today whilst I was RPing on a rebel character on top of a building, an undercover CP, dressed as a resistance member, climbed up a pipe on the parallel building, then ran up the rest of the building, therefore cornering us with an ‘ASSASSIN’. When I realised there was a section the pipe did not cover, I asked him 'bout it, and he said that he ran up it. Here’s a picture of the wall he supposedly ran up:

I really don’t think he could’ve ran up that wall.

I asked someone else 'bout this, and they said you can only normally run up a wall the size of your own body, that wall fits three of him up it.

So yeah, what do you think?

… this thread is so pointless…

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Pointless? How so? I’m askin’ for an outside opinion on a Garry’s Mod related matter.

The person in that video appears to quite thin, the guy on the server obviously has a lot of bulky muscle that would (I’m guessing) weigh him down.

It’s not really garrysmod related… you’re asking about running up a wall…

This is Garry’s Mod, the circumstances would be different to a skinny guy in real life.

Also, like I said, the wall in the game is equal to three of him, in that video it’s the height of two of him.

… it’s parkour related, not gmod related.

Does it really matter? It’s on Garry’s Mod. So I posted it in the Garry’s Mod section. Going through and rating all my posts dumb doesn’t help you either.

You do realize that it could be a number of addons on the server or something?

Not all those shitty rp gamemodes are a whole part of gmod.

But they were dumb.

What? The guy never actually, physically ran up the wall, he just RP’d doing it and TP’d himself up there. I wouldn’t exactly call Open Aura a ‘shitty rp gamemode’ either.

It’s just general Garry’s Mod, I never said that Garry’s Mod evolves around roleplay.

I never said you did

So you’re saying he rped himself up there?
Then sam was right, this has nothing to do with gmod, go ask in fast threads, although it’s kind of pointless because he already did it and since it’s rp he might as well say he has like 4000 stamina or something I dunno :l

Not really. There’s nothing dumb about asking if it would be possible for a character in HL2 RP to run up an 18ft wall.

4000 Stamina? Open Aura is a serious roleplaying game-mode, things aren’t based upon numbers and stats. Also why’d you bring it up if you weren’t insinuating that I do think that?

I hope you realize I was joking because you made a dumb question. I’m pretty sure the only reason you came here is because you know he couldn’t go that high and you wanted us to justify that and gang up on him so you would be right.

Try hypergaming network they’re the stupid corrupt ones

Oh, oh god damn it. If I could rate my own comments I’d rate that one dumb. I’ve been lacking sleep lately, my apologies.

what skin color did his player model have

this is important

hey man you heard him don’t be racist openaura is “serious rpeez”

White, if he wasn’t I wouldn’t question it.

Also, I actually wasn’t looking for people to back me up; I genuinely wanted to see if I was in the right or not.

Not gonna let that go are you Joe? Haha.

yeah no way a white person did that you’re right

someone must have left an eminem cd on the top of the wall/whatever he climbed up to

i have too many black stereotype jokes on my hands