Could someone help me D:

Hello, is there a lua coder that could help me I would like if we could go on skype or teamspeak if you can!

You should post what you are trying to do in lua, specifically the method your trying to accomplish or code your stuck with. You’ll need a basic understanding of lua so if you want someone to actually code a complete item for you like a gamemode or a weapon or something, then you should go to the requests forum instead.

If you need help learning lua there’s various resources avaliable to you.

but I would like to show em what I do and talk to them for maybe some advice and such :slight_smile:

If you don’t post a general idea of what you are having a problem with then people won’t know if they can help you or not. Not everyone knows everything about Lua, and it would be a waste of time for someone to give you their info, get on line with you and then find out that what you are trying to do is either over their heads or impossible with current technology. So take some screen shots or video to show your problem and then describe it. It makes people more willing to help.

I do have ideas but I would like to talk to a LUA coder about it in chat steam or whatever, so much details:) its in the DARKrp area but I am not gonna have it like that.

Then no one will help you. Mod can lock this thread now.