Could someone Help me with a Bug i am Experiencing with my Server

Hey guys. First post and its an Error.
For a few days now since patch 93 of Gmod Came i updated my server and whenever i play RP maps it shows a few errors (which it did before the patch) but this time it just Stops Dead. Instead of Continuing it just stops
Could someone Please tell me whats going on? I have not changed anything since the Update and or Before.

Picture :



Looks like the errors are from the map. The doors have invalid skins or something. Quite odd. The reason for it stopping might be that there are no players rendering it.

Yes it is the Map most likely but before the patch it was fine


its RP_Oviscity_GMC4 Btw


any suggestions?


i cant be the only one with this error?


Posting in Support Section Please dont count as spam :smiley: