Could someone help spot the error in this?

Name: concommand.Run( )
Desc: Called by the engine when an unknown console command is run
function Run( player, command, arguments, args )

local LowerCommand = string.lower( command )

if ( CommandList[ LowerCommand ] != nil ) then
	CommandList[ LowerCommand ]( player, command, arguments, args )
	return true

if ( player:IsValid() ) then
	player:ChatPrint( "Unknown Command: '" .. command .. "'

" )

return false;


What’s the error? What’s the purpose of this thread?

Need a bit more than this, as Robotboy said, the error, and a bit more code i.e. how are you calling it? are you actually passing the correct arguments through?

:66: bad argument #1 to ‘lower’ (string expected, got nil)

My bad, I forgot to post an error. And the purpose is to see if someone could possible see where I went wrong.

That just means you’re not passing an argument for ‘command’. Where are you calling this from?

Edited my post + error. Sorry for the confusion.


You’re doing something wibbly with concommands, what concommands have you setup in your code?

Console commands have 3 arguments:

Player, cmd, args

you’re using 4.

That’s not the problem here, he seems to edit core lua files?

Console commands have 4 arguments: player, command, arguments, args

args is a string of what is after the command’s name when it is called