Could someone link me to a download of the whole Spacebuild gamemode?

I’ve searched for ages and found nothing of use. I want to be able to play SB in singleplayer, and would like a download similar to the DarkRP Full download. What I want is Life Support, Spacebuild, a couple of well-known spacebuild maps and the spacebuild model pack. If anyone could be so kind as to upload this for me and the rest of the community who wants to play SB in singleplayer, I would be very thankful.

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Depends on which Spacebuild you want. Spacebuild 3 is, in my opinion, the best, and the most recent. Note that SB3 is an addon,and no longer requires a separate Spacebuild gamemode. If you want to get everything working properly, you’ll really need to use the SVN versions. This link has everything you need for SB3 and it’s necessary components, like RD, LS, and the Custom Addon Framework: follow the directions exactly.

Oh sorry, here’s a download link for the SBMP/SBEP:

I don’t quite understand how I download them though. I see the google code display of what’s in them, but I don’t know how to download them.


Wait, I just found an installation guide. I’ll look at that and come back if I need more help.

Err, if you’re looking at ‘Morcam’s installation guide,’ be warned that it is out of date and misleading. Download Tortoise SVN, and paste the links on the page I gave you into the newly appeared ‘SVN checkout’ option that appears when you right click on folders after TortoiseSVN has finished installing. Make sure you create all the folders in the right place.