Could someone make me a personal skin? It's a robot in a suit.

I hope this won’t cost me anything, though there’s a good chance it will since making it involves some modeling obviously, but I would like a personal skin. It’s basically a robot in a suit. Here’s a sketch I made for the personal skin:

The head is the only thing that needs to be modeled. The suit should be from Simkas’s suits model pack. I’d prefer if you modeled the head on the left, obviously.

I would like it to have two skins: one with glowing red eyes and one with black eyes, as if they were closed or turned off. I don’t care if you give the neck any geometry for the wires. Just make sure the wires are there in either texture or actual geometry form. The jaw is the only thing that needs to be faceposable. Don’t forget to reskin the hands to make them look like black gloves to cover his bionic hands.

If it’s not too much work or if it doesn’t cost me more money, could you also make a separate model of the head without the neck?

Can’t you just use the iron man model for the head?

That would be fine, I guess. For now, at least. I think I’ll just model the head myself another time.

Actually, you could probably use the Iron Man head like wraithcat suggested and hack it onto the Mr. Foster model from Killing Floor or the Nick model from L4D2 (a few minor edits might be necessary). Of course, that leaves the texture editing that would need to be taken care of afterwards.