Could someone please make me a HKg11 model and animate it?

I want to make a G11 SWep but I can’t model :C if someone would make and animate a G11 for me? I have the weapon script, but it has an m4 (just a stand-in, I will change if I get the G11 I have asked for. YOU WILL GET FULL CREDIT FOR MAKING MODEL! I AM NOT CHEAP >:I

This will never happen, learn to model. Or find one very board modeler that has something better to do than making money or games.

have you considered making a rectangle taking a pistol grip off of fps banana put that on it and a scope from fps banana


also this isn’t the correct section

It’s not? lol sorry, the question was related to modeling so I put it there. But anyways, dayum, seems nothing but a bunch of trolls prowl the facepunch these days :C

No, it’s the right section. It’s just that there aren’t many modelers that have enough free time to do this.

I might do it, actually, just because the G11 is such an underappreciated gun. Don’t hold me to it, though.