Could someone please moderate North America 3 for a few minutes?

I’m sure it’s probably happening elsewhere as well, but since the server wipe on North America 3 yesterday, a group of 5 players using korean characters in their names have been cheating the ever loving blazes out of the game. Super speed, aimbotting, jump, ESP. Basically everything you could think of they’re doing. They haven’t signed off once since the wipe. A huge amount of players have used steam to report them, but their cheating has actually become more blatant and deliberate as time has gone on.

Now that it’s Friday night, they’re just flying around gunning everyone down. There’s basically nothing you can do. Rock combat, that’s about it. If you walk out with anything else you’ll be dead.

I don’t expect a moderator to be working official servers in an alpha all day, but could someone from Facepunch hop on for like fifteen seconds? That’s all it’ll take. You can literally walk up a ridge and see them flying all over the place gunning people down.


You have better chance of winning the lotto, they don’t have the time to deal with one little server.

There’s only so many official servers. 10?

Plus if it’s this blatant on one server, I can’t imagine the others aren’t experiencing the same thing.

Same shit going on in East 3.

I abandoned that server before the last wipe. Too bad, I had made a lot of alliances.


Yeah… and the guys doing it on NA3 are actually verbally harassing the people they kill in voice chat, too… so that’s a great experience.