Could someone please rig this?

Could someone please rig this Flak 36 so the different parts, the cannon, base, etc., are movable?

A picture of the model would be nice

I would give it a try if well, hopefully I’m not the last to enter my submission. Looking at the model I’m having very minor difficulties figuring out what’s movable and what not. Care to provide some detailed pictures stating what should be rigged so it’s rotatable/movable?
Unless err… forget I said anything.

Please excuse the poor quality, I had to use Print Screen since Milkshape did not want to make a screenshot. Also, there are 4 groups, but the first 2 are the main cannon and the frame it is in, which really don’t need to be movable.

alright, I’ll just try and work on the physmodel…

Thanks for attempting this, sir.

Okay you’ll have to ask someone else to do this, at least regarding physmodel and textures. I don’t know about textures, so I can only give you the basic one without special effects. And the physmodel well, it’s a little messed up that is all. I’m wondering though, did you want to have a blank physmodel (no collision when you walk into your model) or something as accurate as possible to the real model regarding collision? Because with a blank one you can spawn seats and shit without much trouble inside of the machine. Here is this anyhow.
Or I don’t know, just tell me what is all wrong with the model. I know the limit for the rotation of the gun is too low and the wheels on the side aren’t rigged and and. I’m just new to model rigging so whatever.

Unfortunately, I can not get it to work right now, but I will try again later today. It does look to be exactly what I want, so thank you. (Also, I do not need an overly complex phys model, since I am likely to be using this for posing.)

Okay then, I can give you the compile-ready folder for yourself to compile if there are any errors to correct on my side, but the model itself works fine on my gmod. Also this was just some sort of test, my first time I answered an request “just to see what it’s like”… I did not actually intend to be doing a professional job on this here, and anyone who’s otherwise willing to fulfill this request is welcome to do it.