Could someone resize this model for me?

Could you please increse the size of this Firebrand model by 10x?

Uh… Hello?

I’ll give it a shot later.

Hey hey, thanks!
Literally ten times as big.
Not sure what’s with the jaws, though.
The physics are also a bit screwed up because of how Source handles large objects.


Whelp, I can’t get it to even load.

Thanks for trying though.

Scaled to 10, fixed bodygroups, made him more poseable. The trick is to increase the weight by a like 10x (this weight for example was 600k) and decrease damping. Look at the sky or up in the air before spawning. :slight_smile:

Included the source if needed.

Have you tried the rescaler application? This site tells you how to resize stuff as well as has the download link.

If the site doesn’t work, I have reuploaded it here.

Inside the zip is a readme as well that tells you how to resize.

Also if you want more flexible posing, I suggest downloading the ragdoll mover tool.

Standing pose tool also helps because it puts the ragdoll in a standing “T” position.

You’re a good man, oogaboogaman brown.

It’s… Perfect!

Thank you so much. Not just for the model, but for your help too.