could there be *some/part day* base protection? Tool Cabinate clock/aura?

I think some reasonable protection would help prevent burnout, encourage more active PvP in raiding, and also help provide balance element to make raid tools more fun and viable; All while giving rust players an opportunity to live some life outside the game. I think something like a half day window would be reasonable. It would provide for people to have some time for life outside rust while still allowing 12 hours of raidability in a day.

While rust is a fun game, and an entertaining concept, the current mechanics are enabling a very toxic community. The biggest winners in rust are simply those who are willing to throw away the most of their real life, stay on latest, and suffer the most to defend and attack virtual bases late at night and during the work day. Anybody who has responsibiities can either expect severe burnout from logging in day and night or to be irrelevant. If you do not log in often enough, you simply lose everything you own, and can expect to return to the newman grind every time you log in.

Wether it costs resources or not, it’d be nice to know there’s at least an 8-12 hour window where you could sleep, even if your base was still vulnerable during the majority of the day. It would also preserve offline raiding – but make it much harder to pull off than simply waiting for 3-5AM, when people have to sleep, before taking a base.

I don’t want to see the end of offline raiding, or a kind of PvE server, but I just can’t find a solid gameplay reason for this system. Why we should be expected to defend a virtual base 24 hours a day or else lose everything? I have not lost any good amount of gear recently – but the fact is that 1 enemy means I have to either decide to log in many times day and night or else expect to just lose everything in the entire seed, with little compromise.

Yes there are major balance implecations but that’s what alpha is about. I think the idea could at least be explored if it has not been already. I did a short statistical model of how resource costs (grind time) effects attack and defend values;; and it’s a big change, but this change could make serious room for mid-teir seige weapons being viable and not overpowered when used for long periods over night.

Anyways, it’s useless to go further without seeing if the idea has been completely written off before, or already tested, or etc, so I wanted to post it and see the discussion.


I can only express what the Devs have made clear, which is that there will never be any artificial mechanisms in game that limit the players ability to choose. This sounds like a huge artificial mechanism which greatly limits my ability to be a massive cunt to who ever I want whenever I want.

There has been a million threads about this before, and I don’t think another one will make a difference. Simply put, the game is unbalanced. They aren’t going to put in a artificial system that doesn’t allow you to raid for 12 hours. If you want that, go play on a modded server.:suicide:

If you’re playing solo, you need to find a good hiding spot and/or play on lower population servers. I’ve got a little stone house on a high pop server that hasn’t been touched in almost a week.