Could this be done

I’m wondering if in some future update to the source engine, the limits to map size could be raised. This isn’t a request, what I’m asking is if it is literally possible to do this. I just want to know so that I could entertain(or not) the idea of flying and controlling a plane at like mach 1 with jinto’s physics mod and not running into the edge of the map.

I am rather new to the forums, but have you noticed your post has been placed in the “stupid” category?

And since I am on this post, I might as well say something about this. Theres something called “memory” on a “computer”, simple logic is, if there was an endless map, then the map would have an endless amount of data. However as an alternative, the map could be big and when you exit the map, instead of that, but you go through the oppisite direction in a loop.

However this isn’t a source engine limitation, the chances are you can code a map to do this.

Sorry if I sounded like a meanie, but the question you asked is rather a mapping question rather than a discussion. If this post goes anywhere, can a moderator or admin (whichever one is meant to do the job) be able to move this post to the mapping section?

Guys, this is how you tell someone they’ve posted in the wrong section without getting yourself banned for backseat mod.


It’s impossible to make an endless map, unless it loops or something.

Repeatedly bangs head against nearest wall

its confusing but im pretty sure valve would have to edit the source engine to do that

Use teleportals.

i hope so, cause they didnt know garrysmod will be made lol

Not an endless map, just a larger one then what is currently possible. I have no idea where you guys got endless map from

So to restate, could the maximum map size be raised by editing the engine, or would we need a whole new one? Sorry but I really haven’t a clue on how game engines work and what they are

not really that big of a mapping issue, triggers on the sides of the map teleport whatever passes through it to the opposite end of the map. Theoretically an endless map.

But would that teleport props?

Nodraw, then make it a teleporter and have a continuous land going out and it seems like your flying for a long time

I remembered a video where someone made a small map and a gamemode but, the character scale was really small or something. They flied a plane around and the map looked massive.

Also if you load the pvp maps from gmod tower in sandbox mode you’ll notice everything looks really small.
In actual gmod tower the pvp maps look normal size. Maybe they’re playing with the player scale with lua or something… don’t know…?

This could sort of be a work around.

That’s what I thought, but then there’s the problem that your passing the same landscape over and over again. To explain in more depth: Lets say the map is gm_flatgrass and those triggers were placed so you could fly flawlessly around the map, but then you see the same gray patch ever kilometer or so. Not saying its a bad thing, but there’s the fact if your making a machinma and people are noticing the “classic background repeat” effect people used in old cartoons. Feel free to say it’s a dumb post, but keep that in mind.

I also thought just recently, maybe if you fly past a certain boundry, it loads another map.
Just imagine, your flying across gm_construct and all of a sudden you enter gm_bigcity…

is still banging head against the wall

Already with vast optimizations we can create massive levels. Problem is that they need a massive amount of optimization to be able to render in a day, while retaining the detail.

I for one (as a mapper of large spaces) do not want more space. If you want large open environments, use a different engine.

Why does it have to be detailed?
He said he wants it to fly planes.

Use cryengine…or how about a flight simulator.

Not that I am in charge here, but we are trying to answer a question and not give out completely different alternatives.

You want to try and use an engine for something it was never designed to do. Source is designed for small(ish) levels connected together, not massive environments. But then i am repeating myself. The question has been asked before, and received the same sorts of comments. Some love the idea, others (like myself) hate it. Larger map sizes mean more hell for those actually working with the software.

That’s because Hammer is the most cumbersome piece of shit ever. Making anything takes at least 3 times the amount of effort it should. Double that for each order of magnitude of scale your map reaches.