Could use help getting server Full!

If anyone would like to play on a friendly, Fresh server, please help join mine. We don’t do any wipes (Unless forced Update Wipe)
As well as it has active admin’s on it as well!

US East - Chicago based server.

IP =

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

I laugh at the people who mark the post as dumb, How is it dumb? I am asking If people would help get my server populated? If you don’t care about it, then just don’t join. Not that hard.

I think they mark it as dumb because they realize you will be banned shortly for advertising (I had to learn the hard way as well).

Why would I be banned for advertising? I don’t see anywhere about rules or anything…

wrong sub forum

Can you link me where to put this then?

they seem to have removed the server sub forum, my mistake

It’s not removed, just hidden.

Soo yeah FP is the kind of forum you get banned from because you posted a server ad in the wrong section even though they hid the server sub forum…