Could use some help with this matter.

So. I started playing on this server that just got wiped


And I got lucky, found an mp5 and an m4 in the same go through Rad Factory.
So I thought I had to team up with someone because I only had a wooden shack which wouldn’t keep my stuff safe.
So I teamed up with a guy and it all went well. Then the Admin comes to us because the guy I chose to play with has a VAC Ban from before apparently.
And the Admin told him that it was against the server rules, So eventually he got banned because of his recent VAC Ban, thought damn, but kept on playing as I could do well on my own as I got a base and all and i didnt really know him.

And from nowhere, without even getting the chance to explain myself I got banned. Probably for the reason that I played with a guy that had a VAC Ban from before.
Worth noting is that my VAC Status is all good, never even had a warning on it.

So my question would be if someone would be able to contact the Admin, or know the Admin and could clear this up for me.
Can’t really blame him, I’m just curious why I got banned, from just chosing to play with the wrong crowd?

Thanks in Advance and sorry for the wall of text.


You’d probably be better off just finding another server… I mean, do you really want to play on a server with an admin that would do that anyways?

I really don’t. But I don’t know if he is like that. Or just forgot the fact to actually look at my VAC Status. I could understand the ban IF i were to be VAC banned in the past