Could we get an official statement on the AMD crash issue, please?

Current status

As some of you might know, a lot of AMD users are currently unable to play the game. What happens is that the game will crash as soon as new player-built structures are loaded, accompanied by an error message stating that the AMD Catalyst drivers experienced an error and had to be restored.

How long has this been going on?

This issue first appeared with the introduction of the new grass update (≃ 2 days ago) and has yet to be addressed.

Who is affected?

Judging by the comments on the bug report of this issue and various forum posts it’s confined to AMD graphics cards and, more specifically, chips of the HD5xxx/6xxx and 7xxx series.
Edit: Some Nvidia users are reporting similar issues. Depending on your graphics card and drivers your mileage may vary.

The appeal

Given how many people are affected and how devastating this bug is I think an official statement on the part of the devs is called for:

  • Are you guys aware of this issue?
  • Are you working on it?
  • What can we do to help you troubleshoot this?

And before the comments saying “this is an alpha” come piling in:

Please understand that transparency - both on the part of the developers and users - benefits the bug fixing process. We are alpha testers and we are here to help you make this game better. But in order to do so we need to know what’s going on.

Thank you for reading this.

Edit 1: Seeing how some people are able to play while others with the same graphics cards are having the issue I would like to ask you to post what drivers you are currently using and if you affected by this or not. Maybe this way we will be able to find a temporary solution to this problem.

Edit 2:

Garry has responded in another thread with the following message

Edit 3: We have a workaround!

Thanks to Pat we can now play the game again:

It works for me and hopefully it will work for you, as well.

Yeah this kind of blows right now. I haven’t been able to play in about 2 days now and I’m seeing my house and my friends house (which are huge and took many hours to build) decay and beginning to disappear :frowning: I just want too play Rust on my days off work wahhhhh. lol No but seriously this hopefully will be resolved very soon. I have an intel i7 processor and 2 crossfired ati hd5770’s game was working fine before they added the new grass. But I know from past experience in games that high res sources like grass and water can be very demanding on gpu’s

The issue is impacting me too…i wonder what % it is, because the servers seem health, and Im just bummed this impacts me.

Well just know you aren’t missing out on much seeing that the servers are down.

Happens to me everytime i spawn in

WELL it almost impossible for anyone to play with the issues they have right now. servers r crashing every few minutes unless u wanna make a home on the AU server but i agree no statements on anything is low

Oh, yes. That’s another issue I didn’t even consider. All players affected by this bug will probably start losing their belongings in a few hours - at least as long as there is no one else to maintain them. It’s a shame, but I guess we will have to live with it.

I agree it sucks not being able to play but it would be really nice if they would say yeah we know about the issue and were working on it

After trying to play, my 7970 just broke and I have to get a new one. FML

I’d like to just say, its not just AMD cards, I have an Nvidia and I’m getting the same bugs

i have a AMD Readon 6970 and all runs well… dont know why yours crashing

I mentioned this on another post. Its crashing on multiple cards, aswell as some mac users.

They won’t give you an official statement because they’ve made it pretty clear for the past few months that they won’t keep us updated on what’s happening even tho we’ve asked 10000 times for them to do so. I’m affected by this problem too, guess I’ll just have to wait for them to fix it. This situation sucks because I like this game alot, I’ve been playing none stop since I bought it even tho the dev don’t keep us updated, the lag of a browser web game, the lag of an unoptimized game, and the whole game in construction didn’t bother me that much. But this issue isn’t even letting me play :(.

That’s something that’s just not okay in my opinion.
When selling the game to players, you must accept the responsibilities that come along with that.

Don’t get me wrong tho, I still think they’re doing a great job.

You know, having experience with Unity… they would have to be doing something REALLY funky in order for this to actually be their fault. And funky stuff 99% of the time doesn’t run in webplayer builds of Unity (for security reasons). So it’s probably a safe bet that this is some kind of Unity bug rather than Facepunch’s fault.

Well if it’s unity engine, why would they make their game with it if it’s that shitty…

Because it’s most likely a rare case (nothing I’ve ever heard of, anyway).
It’s either a rare bug in Unity, or it’s a problem with those drivers.

I really wish i can play and garry can reply to this…

I have the i7 2700k and just one ati radeon hd 5770. I have no troubles with the game at all. Maybe a problem with cross-fire? I know many games have issues with it.

Everybody’s complaining and Garry is just sitting there,
Lol, jk.