could we get an time for the wipe?

as title say, when is it going down? looking at you london 1

Agree. Bump.

When the update hits, der, that’s what it’s for…

We both (op and I) understand this. We were just hoping for… Maybe, a time. Like if Garry decided that it would be every first Thursday of the month at 4PM Eastern. That would be nice. :slight_smile:

There is no fixed time for the update because the update goes out when the build’s ready. Remember that you’re in an alpha in early development.

Programmers are not like a machine in a candy factory that you can turn off at a certain time and expect equal results every time. Sometimes it will take them longer, sometimes they might even postpone the update to the next day if they think it’s better for the players.
The same people who complain about the smallest bugs complain about the update time not being determined…

Are you assuming we are complaining?

A question is not a complaint.

You could have left your last sentence out and I would have taken it as positive feedback.
But… Thanks for the first part?

I’d like a time too but at the same time, I wouldn’t because if the devs said “ok we’re aiming for 6pm” then didn’t manage to do it or something came up and they took longer, people would bitch and moan that they said they’d be able to play at a specific time.

So whilst it would be nice to have some notice, sometimes it’s better not to.