Could you help me please?

MountFilesystem(242) failed:SteamMountFilesystem(2852,242,0xe1dfd28=,0xe1dfc18) failed with error 116: Catche needs repair
This is the error I get when I try to run Counter-Strike:Source in hammer.
Do I have to re-install hammer or CSS?
I finally finished my map but I can’t upload it :frowning:
If you know what to do please help.

Reinstall Counter Strike: Source.

First try to do this. It usually solves weird errors I get.

Go to your steam folder and delete ClientRegistry.blob
Close Steam
Start Steam

If this doesn’t work do what Anonymous told you to.

RMB on CSS in the games list in steam, properties -> local files tab -> verify integrity of game cache.

Quicker than reinstalling.

Thanks mate , it worked , now I can run hammer with CSS with no problem or error message. C: