Could you make nunchucks into a swep?

Well, I was about to ask someone to make a nunchuck model for me so I could in turn get it coded by someone else, when I thought “wait a second, could you even make nunchucks correctly?” What I mean by, is if someone was using them as a swep, could/would they move around dynamically as a result of the person, and not be a brick statue in their hand (i.e. If you move violently around they in turn flip around and rotate, not sit as stiff as a crowbar)?

I was going to attempt something like this useing jigglebones but never got around to it.

The main problem you’ve got there with what you after is that you’d need a custom gamemode (with custom playermodels/anims) to have the anims required to not just be using them like the Crowbar (which wouldn’t work too well unfortunately I think). Also the view model would not be able to be dynamic enough to work for this kinda thing (as I don’t think you can jigglebone a view model, can you?).

Jigglebones combined with a script to detect how fast an attachment at the end of the model is moving.

couldn’t you just have a very simply ragdolled world model and rig the bone for the handle to the model’s hand and leave the other one hanging limply?

World models can’t be ragdolls.


Well, they can, but they stay in their ref position.

fuck. If they could be properly ragdolled I would totally try to do this.

What about jigglebones?

The Thor replacement for the TF2 bat had jigglebones in its viewmodel this should be do-able

It’s possible. I believe the molotov in L4D moves with the person. World and First View