Could you please make the front page the way it was?

I’m sick of going to every few days and seeing the same old shit made by sakarais. Can you change it back to the old way, left side is most popular and the right side is most recent. Atleast then there is a variety of new stuff to look at everyday and still has the popular collum. So Garry please think about this.

Im sure that Garry has his reasons for making it like this instead of the last one.

Just like the reasons he had when he added chat?

To contact idiots that upload packs without your permission?

Yeah so downloads can steamroll.

I actually miss the old front page
comments have helped me re create some old broken sweps I used to have
but the front page was better the old way
at least thats my two bits on this all.

Yeah Garry is great now we have that damn child protection crap :stuck_out_tongue: