Couldn't believe this happened.

So yesterday I was sitting in my house crafting when I heard footsteps outside. Now, I’m the type of player that will try and kill anyone who crosses my path… so I went outside to investigate. Shotgun in hand, I open the door and a guy was HOLDING c4 about to place it on my house! I blast him in the face, but he didnt die(full kevlar) I pursue him around the corner and he was gone. I was like… oh well. guess he got away!

My house is buit next to a tree, and I have large spike walls that kind of bow out at an angle to go around the tree. As I was gathering a node near that side of my house, I noticed a backpack. Turns out, when the “raider” turned the corner, he ran right in to my spike walls and killed himself! haha. He was loaded to the teeth, too. full kevlar, c4, shotgun, m4, p250 etc etc.

This was on the North America 3 server.

LOL, that happend to me. I was running from someone and was bleeding out when I ran right into one of those spikes. Dead on the spot.

lol was it you?!

I was about to snipe this fool that was about to plant C4 on someones door, suddenly the door flew open and this naked guy carrying a shotgun started blasting away. The fool with the C4 ran straight into the spikes and died, I was too busy laughing to shoot the naked dude that was looting his corpse.

haha i love fail raids.

While that happen I died by hungry.

haha how? theres food everywhere… i currently have over 300 food in one fireplace, not to mention stacks of 50+ cans of tuna, beans, small rations, granola bars, chocolate…


haha right?!