"Couldnt CRC map ... Disconnecting"

I’m not exactly sure why or when this started happening, or if it even happened to anyone else. But I havent downloaded anything, and I’ve tried 2 ways to continue playing, to no help.

So basically, I’m trying to play Some Sassilization BHOP and Deathrun, but i’m getting this error after the downloading screen with the moving symbols. And its always “Couldn’t CRC map (map here), Disconnecting.”
I’m not sure what this means, or why its started. But any advice would help that doesnt include…
-Delete all maps in maps folder
-Verify Integrity

(Also, not to mention, I did try the search tool on FP to see if there was any forums but it was an infinite log in screen? >_>)

Thanks for all and any help.

Map corrupted? It’s a CRC error.

Download it again.

And the Lua errors is because of the Update 73. Update your Wiremod and Gmod.

So, I cant just download it off of the server?

I would like an answer to this as well.

Short Answer: Somewhere along the line, you and the server can’t speak very well when downloading the map.

Long Answer: The CRC thing is (I believe) a checksum to make sure you’ve downloaded all the way through (because sometimes on the interbuttz a download will quit early for some mysterious reason and say “lol done”). It is trying to download the map all the way, but it can’t confirm it’s done so. I would assume that the client (your game) can’t get what the CRC is supposed to be from the server, so it has no way of knowing if it has finished downloading or not. The most likely cause is the server’s sending it, but it’s dropped along the way and the client can’t receive it.

See if other people who connect to Sassilization have the same issue. If not, it’s something on your end - check firewalls, virus scanners, etc. Also see if your mom’s torrenting porn or something.