Couldn't Init Bass - Error/Crash on Startup

When starting gmod the game loads for a few seconds, stops then closes and shows the error “Couldn’t Init Bass.” I checked Steam forums and found a number of people are experiencing this problem but found no helpful solutions.
I should mention that this is a new computer with steam as the only software on it at the moment.

Would anyone know what is causing this/ how to fix this.

Does anyone know whats causing this? I own a rather popular server community and am unable to develop for it / work on it while this persists.

Fixed in the dev branch.

I’ve been having the same problem and what do you mean fixed in the Dev Branch Code?

This issue was fixed in the dev branch?

I have the same problem… All my computers… Re-installed several times but do not help… Any solution now?


Opt into the dev branch by going to Properties --> betas --> dev

Make a separate thread about it if your issues with “Couldn’t init base” are fixed.