couldn't load Init Script: jailbreak/gamemode/cl_init.lua

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have a question for you guys i use the gamemode “jailbreak” and when i launch it then i get this error message:

couldn’t include file ‘jailbreak\gamemode\cl_init.lua’ <file not found> <<nowhere>>
couldn’t load Init Script: jailbreak/gamemode/cl_init.lua

And when i open cl_init.lua i see this:

include (“sh_init.lua”)

So the files are there but it doesnt load and gives errors what can i try?

Did you AddCSLua(“cl_init”)?

When i open this file “cl_init.lua” i only see this:

include( “sh_init.lua” )

But when i open this file init.lua i see this:

–Loading the initialisation files.
include (“sh_init.lua”);
AddCSLuaFile (“cl_init.lua”);
AddCSLuaFile (“sh_init.lua”);


Is this good?

Don’t you mean init.lua? If not, your gamemode is fucked. fix it…

Yeah i typed it wrong… now its oke but still it doesnt work