Couldn't Load Init Script, LUA Error


I’m a bit new to Garry’s Mod scripting and I’m trying to create my own gamemode. I have made 2 teams and I want a round to begin when both teams have 1 or more players in them. This is the function:

function round.Check( ply, teamid )
	if ( team.NumPlayers(1) => 1 ) and ( team.NumPlayers(0) => 1 ) then
hook.Add( "PlayerJoinTeam", "CheckTheTeams", round.Check )

However, it gives me this error:

[ERROR] gamemodes/gamemodename/gamemode/init.lua:50: ')' expected near '='
     1. unkown - gamemodes/gamemodename/gamemode/init.lua:0

Couldn't Load Init Script: 'gamemodename/gamemode/init.lua'

Why am I getting this? Also, if you know what’s wrong, please tell me why so I can learn from it.


The > goes before the =

>= not => I assume

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Ninjas everywhere

Thanks, it works now!