Couldn't load module library!


I have put modules needed in garrysmod/lua/bin :

But when I start my server I have error : (for all modules !)

I am on Linux debian 7 (64bit)

thks for help !

require them one by one and see which one is erroring

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I don’t think tmysql has had a linux compile since before GMod 13 went retail

I heard that if we use tmysql linux we need boots libraries ?

Are you sure you have the libmysql.dll in the correct place? (orangebox folder, with HL2.EXE)

I don’t have put libmysql.dll because its is for windows no ?

I have put in the same folder of srcds lib of mysql 32bits.

yeah libmysql.dll is a windows file, you’re right

you’re going to have to require each one to figure out what is erroring

I think it comes from gm_pimpmyride but I didn’t find a version for linux gmod13 on the site :

well if there isn’t a linux compile there isn’t really anything you can do unfortunately

there is a linux compile but I don’t know if it works on gmod13

it doesn’t, hence it not being in Releases - GM13

Maybe I can compile it on linux ? gm_pimpmyride_linux.dll where can I find files for gmod13? maybe here I don’t know if it is for gmod13?

I need gm_pimpmyride_linux.dll for gmod13 please ;’-(