Couldn't load module library!

I’m getting this error when I try using Curl on my module.

Any ideas? I’ve put libcurl.dll next to hl2.exe.

AFAIK you need to make your own binary module to interface this.

Ugh. I have a module. but I get the error once I try using libcurl w/ it.

Any progress with this? I also am trying to use libcurl in my module but get “Couldn’t load module library!” when trying to require it.

This normally happens when the entry points using gmod13_open and gmod13_close are not exported. Have these modules been recompiled with the new headers?

Yeah, the entry points have been exported and I am using these headers.. If I strip the curl functionality from the module and don’t link to curl, the module loads as expected. This is the same for CryptoPP. When linking to and using the functionality of either libcurl or libcryptopp, GMod errors with “Couldn’t load module library!”

Hmm, I could of sworn once upon a time a decent error was given when a module failed to load.