Couldnt not respawn in sleeping bag. Cant respawn at all

I was looking at my character in sleeping bag but I couldnt not wake up. I said screw it and killed myself through console. Now I usually cant even respawn new. And the few times it lets me I fall alseep after anywhere from 10 seconds to a couple minutes and cant wake up from that either. Anybody else having this problem?

Re log?

This will most likely fix most of the minor server/client side errors.

And I hate everyone that has ever said it, but I’m saying it, It’s an alpha, so. Yea.

Could it be a sleeping bag in a wrong spot? I have no problem joining any other server. And my friends can wake up in that server no problem

Already tried forcing your char to really sleep by entering “sleep” in the console?
Used to work some weeks ago…

in console.