So i’m making a gamemode and i’m trying to code it so you have 5 mins to kill your opponent, if each team still has one player left, then, it will reset everyone (respawn with the timer set back to 5 mins) how can i make the timer?


Oops i forgot to post a pic, is their anyway of skinning it, like draw library?

No need for the sand thing tho.

Figured i’d say this, i’m not asking for you to make me some huge code, im just looking for the commands or hooks or whatever i need to make it so it had a box, 3 buttons (figure that out later, what the buttons do exactly), and the timer, would i used a vgui menu use the draw library there, then add a timer and have the coordinates of it directly on top of the vgui box’s? or would i add the timer into the vgui boxes code

use that then just make a timer that takes away 1 from a variable every second

Ok, but what about the fancy display, any ideas?

Slice it up into individual textures and then use **[Draw.TexturedQuad](** inside of a **[Gamemode.HUDPaint](** hook.

Oh ok that makes sense so it will be part of a initial HUD display

Or you can do, in the HUDPaint, a if key_down or whatever it is and then if it’s true, draw.

Not sure what your trying to say Deutsch