Count hot many entitys are out.

How would i set up an entity so when it spawns it checks if there’s more then 50 entity’s of the same kind out, and then it removes itself if there is more then 50?

That depends on what sort of SENT it is.

how do you spawn the ent? because you can eather run a check inside the ent (this coudl cuase problems) or if their spawned via a timer you can just all together not spawn them if theres say 50 already on the map. [lua] if #ents.FindByClass(“entclasshere”) <= 50 then
–spawn it here
-do something or nothing here

Sounds like you have a virus to be honest.

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Thanks for pointing in the right direction, i changed it to ents.FindByModel and it does exactly what i want.
Thanks Again !

Glad it helped.