Count in London 1 Stucked!

Just i was charching the London 1 server, i was killed and logged out by lag, just when i go to select the bed for wake up i go out the server. I was go in again, but the loading stucked 2 points more less than max always, i can’t connect only in server London 1, i don’t know why. Please help, i can’t reconnect to London 1, just stucked!, my steam user is skylar90 and my actual profile is X-Assasin.

I’m getting this on the Texas server as well, loads and generates everything then gets stuck 2 less than whatever the total amount is receiving. I switched to stable and back to development and no change.

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Ok, this finally let me connect to the Texas server:

While it was trying to connect, I went into console and suicided with kill
client.disconnect to end the connection attempt
Retry Connection button to finally spawn

Just solved now, if u can’t enter because a beg bug, just disconnected when u click to bed, if the bug appears and u can’t spawn in the selected server, u need a friend just kill u, because this work makes you can charge the dates again, bug repaired :slight_smile: