Countdown timer for Derma

How would I create a countdown timer, and make it appear on a derma panel?

Basic overview is, I want to make a timer, so a player has to wait a certain amount of seconds to respawn, and after that time has passed, a DButton appears which, when pressed, lets them spawn.

If you’ve played Bad Company 2, you’ll get what im talking about straight away.


Use that

How would I use that if I wanted to do a timer (sorry don’t know much lua, just wanted to know is all )



How would I use curtime in a timer like that?

Dude learn lua before spam making threads

runs YourFunction after 5 seconds
[lua]timer.Simple( 5, YourFunction )[/lua]
or you could do timer.Create()for a much more detailed timer.

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Just like to point out that this is the newbie questions section so it makes sense to ask questions here that you just don’t get other wise you’ll never be able to do anything.

Thats right. I dont have any idea how to make a timer, but I would be glad to do.

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