Counter-Strike Break Time

After a long battle between the counter-terrorists and terrorists they sit down to eat and relax but some random person comes and takes the bomb. It turns out that it was fire-works and laugh it off.

Sorry for the shit quality. I lost the clips so I had to fraps my rendered version.

Created using Counter-Strike and 3ds MAX

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Whats with the goldfish

Was alright.

'Tis the wrong section for this, my friend.


Awesome, repost in Machinima section, you’re good to go.

Whoa, CS 1.6 models?

The only bad part is the seemingly random music. Otherwise, it’s just awesome.

Very nice, but all the animations seemed slow.

So this was posted in Gmod general with not even the slightest thing to do with it? My friend go raise you view count somewhere else