Counter-strike content missing.

I can’t spawn any CS:S props and the weapons come up as errors. I have CS:S installed and when I go to extensions in the main menu CS:S Content comes up in the addons. I tired to verify the game cache and defragment the cache files but that didn’t do anything. Anyone know how to fix this?

Did you try unticking the box, restarting the game, ticking the box and restarting the game? (The Box at the Extensions menu)

Just tried that and I still can’t spawn any CS:S props.

Did you defrag both gmod and CS:S? If that doesn’t work try right clicking CS:S and go down till you see Delete Local Game Files. Don’t worry this doesn’t erase your achievements or anything it just reinstalls it.

I defragmented CS:S and that fixed it. Thanks for the help.

You’re welcome!

What should i do if none of the above things you suggested work?

Move cstrike into orangebox.