Counter-Strike Gamemode

Started this when I was home sick yesterday and this is what I’ve done so far.

To do/Finished List

-Team menu
-Bomb/Bomb sites (Bomb can only be picked up by a Terrorist)
-Bomb Defuse
-CSS style hud
-Buy time/Freeze time (Player will be spawned in their designated spot frozen and unable to shoot)
-Rounds/Round time
-Map rotation
-Drop weapons (On death and default button “G”)
-Bullet ricochets and bullet penetration
-Supports normal CSS maps like de_dust2
-Round reset (Map props will be reset to their original location after each round.
-Weapon system (Only one pistol and primary weapon) (Started making)

Bullet penetration info:
-Bullets can go through multiple objects like props and walls.
-Bullets will be able to go through certain objects with ease (Wood, plastic, flesh)
-Bullets will have a hard time penetrating concrete and metal.

To do:
-Buy menu

Boom headshot?
Hud stuff and bomb ticking away


Q: Why not go play normal counter-strike?
A: I do play normal CSS. I’m only doing this because I’m bored and need something to program.

Q: Will you be releasing this.
A: Not till I get permission from the weapon creators (Real CSS Weapons) and aVoN for a code snippet he posted containing the bullet penetration/ricochet I edited/got working. I also won’t release till I’m satisfied with it.

A: This thread is not for you.

Q: Will I need CSS?
A: If you have to ask this, see answer to previous question.

I got 4 questions…

1) Why not go play normal CSS?
2) Will you be releasing this?
4) Will I need CSS?

So wait, if it uses and requires the CSS models, what exactly is the point? Interesting project, to be sure, and looks like quite the coding achievement. I just can’t see it yet - you can’t package the original CSS models into the gamemode, that’s illegal, so it wouldn’t really help anybody without CSS. Sound’s great, but I’m just not seeing it. Perhaps you could keep the code, but change the story and models behind it?

Keep on it man, it is looking good. Ill be downloading this for sure (if it is released).

Like I said, I’m doing this because I’m bored. Once/If it’s released anyone will be able to change the models to whatever they want.

I knew some jackass like you was going to do this.

to save you the trouble I give you permission to use my weapons, looks good so far. :smiley:

and I’m making a flashbang for the realcs so you don’t have to worry about that :slight_smile:

Any chance you’ll make it in the style of CS, but realistic?

That’s pretty much how it is now. Using the realistic CSS weapons and the bomb is a nuke.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m still debating to use your weapons on the Realistic CSS weapons, they are both equally awesome.

Cool, fuck off Badboy

If you, by any sort of magic, are able to remove as much lag as possible from this gamemode and you release it, I might try to do a Wc3 Gamemode for it.

JetBoom made a similar one for GMod called Awesome Strike Source.

Yeah, I played it and didn’t like it.

Night Eagle made one pretty similar to this (exactly :P) it was called Project Houston

Yeah, I remember that gamemode too. That may be another reason why I’m coding this, because Project Houston died.

What a ridiculous comment, I completely see where he’s coming from, why don’t you just play CSS?! Rather than calling me a jackass, could you perhaps answer the question?

I did answer the question.

I see.

I’m sorry, I just have to say you got served right there. :ghost:

Nice ghost you’ve got there.

Also, does this gamemode lag as hell?

why would it?