Counter Strike : Global Offensive / Enhanced GSG 9 and Phoenix Connexion

Well, first of all, hi! Wondering what i could do in my free time, i came up with this:

Both of them have face flexes, BM:S eyes (no longer BM:S heads), working PM view model hands and bodygroups for some stuff that i added… Here i’ll leave you some screenshots:


Me - Making them PM’s, adding working c_models, adding BM:S eyes and other hacking stuff.
Valve - GSG 9 and Phoenix Connexion models.
Black Mesa : Source dev. team - Eye textures.

Download: Steam:

Hope you guys enjoy it!

heh, i remember the thread you posted when these were wip.
glad i didnt feel the need to make them, though i still think i might fuck with the css ones
But, you should of used Fat-Corgi-Guy’s eyes textures, much better than most of the ones out there.

Oh yes.

Could you put up a mirror for SFM users, I don’t have Gmod installed on my laptop and can’t download to extract.

Wonderful work, though.


Nice work

Nice i reply to this (even if i got you on steam) Everything works pretty well except eyes (but you are working of it so maybe a question of time ) THis will finally help us to make good machinima for csgo :slight_smile:
Maybe you should consider to make one Leet (the one with glasses) since its most famous & cool one .
And add another ct like gign maybe
Best regards thanks for the work

Couldn’t you use CS:GO’s viewmodel hands instead of the world model’s hands?

I tryed too, but they where impossible to rig, the amount of triangles just doesn’t let me do it, i can bet my life he had the same problem

i didnt have a single problem rigging arms to valve. but, i had them on my other computer. and that computers dead. so the files long gone

Well, that doesn’t helps much tho…

Yea, i could do it. i remember how i did it.

The last 3 fingers on their hands still can’t be posed separately.