Counter Strike Global Offensive for C4D

Hello has all

I am a fan of the game Counter strike and I like very much the 3D. I am in search of skins, maps and weapons in 3D of the game Counter strike global offensive for the software Cinema 4D.

I thank you beforehand for all the help that you could bring me.


I’m pretty sure you can just decompile the .mdl files and import the rest using most 3D animation and modelling tools.

With that she(it) software I can unwind files pls?

you need 3ds max to convert them i think…but the main problem is in C4D when you place the textures the UV is all over the place, making it really hard to position correctly…as far as i remember

I am going to try to convert with 3DS MAX by hoping that all goes well.
Thank you for your answers, I would inform you if I manage to convert files.