Counter Strike Global Offensive MODELS For 3DS MAX!

don’t, just don’t!

Well why don’t you just upload all of them and display them so we can choose what we want?

It takes too long. yea i know. but thats what im doing. i got 2 allready the IDF (ctm_Idf) and Sas (ctm_sas_variantE)

Second link isn’t working, edit it, remove " in front :wink:. Though, pretty useful, thanks. And one more note: would you mind uploading not only color textures but also normal maps, specular maps and all this kind of shit?
P.S. Holy shit, what’ve u done with the arms? They’re messed up

I Didnt do anything to the arms. im not sure why its like that. pissed me off when i got them into it… sure. but im not sure how to assign those textures.

[editline]8th February 2013[/editline] try the link for sas…

You mean how to assign them to a MAX material? Lol. The same as colormaps :). Anyway, if you’re not experienced in MAX, just include them without assigning.

Yea. it only uses 3 Materials. " The Head, Body, & Legs." i try and it only changes the real texture and makes it white or black.

! I Fixed the arms! Ill update soon! Trying to fix SAS…

How would i be able to Export a model from 3DS MAX 2012, And import it into Garry’s Mod?

You export the model in .SMD format, and then you use the .qc that you created to compile the model.

Oh God, I Exported the model in that format. but im not sure how to do the rest. im kinda new to 3DS MAX. First year using it.

why just why ? do this?

what? I Fixed the arms to them.

Why would you want to rig them? These were all pretty much compiled to CSS and all it needs is a hex…

what? I Dont want to rig them there allready rigged. im just fixing the dent in there upper arms. first i gotta find out how to get it imported into garry’s mod.

If you are gonna import them, it basically means you want to rig them…

No i Have them rigged allready. I Just want to get them From 3DS MAX Into Garry’s Mod…

Ill continue exporting models from CS:GO for 3DS MAX tonight

oh god… I replied sorry. Ment to edit the page.