Counter-Strike Global Offensive models WIP

I started porting those Counter-Strike Global Offensive player models, have started from player models.

If you own the Counter-Strike GO beta and your porting stuff post your screenshots here.

Valve uses a different skeleton with these models since the default hl2 animations wont motion transfer over.

Extracting the .mdl’s wont work if you use the default cannonfodder’s mdl decompiler.

Whoa, neat.

cool beans.


These Ct’s Would be awesome if Posed Together With MW3’s Deltas!

But we have neither of those.

What about the weapons? And are there more gear variations of CT’s?

I think we all agree when I say that the GIGN and GSG-9 Need to ported.

I will look into the weapons soon

Awesome man. I love how the terrorists look.

These models look bloody great! good job!

If you would care to upload the files for me I will help porting stuff over.

This is really cool, looking forward for more!

I just so happen to own the beta as well and I can confirm that the mdldecompiler works, you just have to put idst, at the beginning of the model file, and rename (+copy) the .vtxes to .dx80.vtx and .dx90.vtx.
The textures themselves cannot be read by the newest version of vtfedit, strangely enough, you instead have to download for free and get the more recent vtf-plugin which supports vtf version 7.5. I can upload some of the weapons and players for you if you want.

Yeah that would be great! the models/textures would be fantastic.

alright here are the playermodels, remember to modify them before decompiling. --removed–
The weapons, --removed–.
Note that mdldecompiler only manages to decompile the reference model then crashes.

Thanks mate, also I know how to fix that view model decompile crash.

Why are you linking these? these are copyrighted by Valve and distribution is not permitted. At least link them in a pm :rolleyes:

Pfff, you can say the same damn thing about every single other Valve game, or every other game in general.

The game hasn’t been released yet …