Counter Strike hands reskin (HEV Suit)

Well I’ve been playing Gmod and using my cool weapons I downloaded but the difference is certain weapons use the hev suit hands and some the counter strike hands.

Is there a way to change this or can you make a skin to make the counter strike hands look like the HEV suit hands.

We’ve had threads like this before, (in fact I had one of my own) and they all ended with either nobody trying and people just trolling like they usually do here instead of taking requests, or they try and give up after about a day or two.

So the answer to this is simply yes, but nobody on facepunch is gonna be nice enough to do it anymore. The Gmod Community’s golden days are over… hate to break it to you.

damn well would you try

What? You’ve joined in May, 2009. It has only been almost a year. You shouldn’t be saying such stupid stuff if you don’t know when the ‘golden days’ were over. I think they are still here.

You joined in april and I joined in december who cares if I joined facepunch first time I came here I would have been here since 2008 july I think

:downsbravo: Congrats. If you understood i meant that he joined at May and he assumes “golden days are over”. As if hes been here for years.

My point was the join date doesn’t mean that is when they first went to face punch still that’s me dunno about him

Exactly. Not everybody joins as soon as they find a site. And, I’m sorry Gamefinisher, but I don’t have milkshape or any modeling program. All I have is the sdk and as far as I know, that only lets me look at models =(

There’s a reskin somewhere. But a full new hack with new hands? That ain’t gonna happen in a while.

Weird though, how something like it was completely finished, but never released. It was sleeveless, but also glove-less. However it still kicked ass. Yet like I said, done (AND used) but not released…

Is the skin on

Sigh. I made a sword using the counter strike hands, then decided it looked stupid. So i just did new animations for the half-life 2 hands. It’s pretty simple, just time consuming: you have to redo some of the animations (since counterstrike hands only go up to the elbow). For instance, instead of changing the position of the arm in CSS hands, you would have to do the same thing but by rotating the upper arm.
However, the Half-Life 2 arms are better: you can’t see a stump where your upper arm should be, and it also has the spine, so certain things can be more realistic.
In short: yes, it’s possible, but you’ll have to redo some animations. If i have some spare time, i’ll do some more.
Hope this helps.

Here I found a skin on FPS Banana